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solar irrigation system

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Date: Feb 9 2017
Subject: solar irrigation system
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: eifpmg
eifpmg Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Solar Powered Pump Irrigation System

Product Over review

Solar pump irrigation system is composed of solar panel, solar charge
controller, pump and accessories. If AC system, an inverter will be needed. A
battery storage is necessary for continuous use. Submerged multistage
centrifugal pump irrigation system is most common type used. We commonly
utilizes a brushless dc motor. Controller adjusts output frequency according to
sun light intensity. When sunshine is strong, pump runs at rated speed; when is
weak, lower than rated speed, so as to keep pump running steadily.

Main Features

The solar pump irrigation system operates full-automatically. MPPT tracking Max
power method makes pump run as sunshine goes.Battery storage system can make the
system run at normal at night. If without battery, also can be available but
only work at day time.Main circuit adopts intelligent power module, with high
reliability, transfer efficiency over in excess to 98%. with multi protection
functions of lighting proof, over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection,
over-load protection, etcMotor protection functions on level monitoring,
preventing from overflow and being drained are optional.

Applications & Functions Show

Lift water from river to water tank for irrigate plant.

Solar powered system for house application including lawn irrigation with pump

Solar pump irrigation for city greening

Common use for plant irrigation

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