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self-propelled combine harvester maize/ corn 2 rows

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Date: Oct 18 2018
Subject: self-propelled combine harvester maize/ corn 2 rows
Category: Nuclear Reactors, Boilers; parts thereof
Company: Shandong Gold Dafeng Machinery Co., Ltd
zhen zhen Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: As shown in the random file "three services voucher". The warranty requirements: 1.
When the user accept the warranty must show three services voucher. 2. If Corn
Combine Harvester breaks down, contact must inform distributor below warranty
content: Self-propelled Corn Combine Picker product model, the factory Numbers,
engine model and form etc products already use nameplate content, how long,
detailed instructions on fault condition. 3. Three services of maintenance
component supply explanation: to ensure the shut down production 5 years later
continue to supply maintenance three services component, but in three services of
period, the special parts delivery need to decide after discuss; after three services of
period, supply parts need to discuss the price and delivery time. 4. Please be sure to
use the product special spare parts and oil. No warranty items: Whoever logo
indicate not allow to disassembly of components, if user disassemble by himself, do
not grant to guarantee.

4YZP-2 Self-Propelled Corn Harvester is able to snap, peel, chop straw and
collecting at one time. Self-Propelled Corn Picker can work in narrow road and
small patches.

With 2 rows working at the same time, it takes small investment and gain quick

Maize Corn Machines Adavntages:

This model is novel in design and features attractive appearance and compact
structure. Its center of gravity is rationally configured and thus makes quiet ride. Its
short body dimension reduces turning radius and makes handling flexible. It's
automatically heading and crosscutting turn rows improve its working efficiency. Its
100HP famous and high-quality engine guarantees environment protection. Its 12-
roll stripper has high husking efficiency. Its walking side reduction gearbox allows
for infinitely variable speed. The front is for cutting and middle for returning to the
field and husk crushing. Hydraulic power is used to steer, dump grains and recover
residual and mixture. This model accomplishes the whole process of snapping,
husking, crushing, chopping, retuning and collecting.

Self-propelled Corn Combine Cutter Product Line:

Corn Maize Combine Harvester-product line
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