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China Made Electric Micro Mini Excavator for Sale

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Date: Dec 6 2018
Subject: China Made Electric Micro Mini Excavator for Sale
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: 1.China Made Excavator Electric Mini Excavator Equipped with imported from
KUBOTA engine ,in line with state Ⅲ emission.
2.All imported hydraulic system,the load sensitive technology ,has the good
operation performance and efficiency .
3.Using one rotary structure ,car body tail in any stage are not beyond the crawler
,movable arm deflection function ,ensures the narrow strip of flexible operations.
4.The chassis is elastic structure ,it has the good through performance .
5.Standard proprietary suspension type ,can be selected according to the
requirements of using steel crawler ,completely interchangeable .
6.The driving tent is an assembled structure ,which can be easily disassemble and
optional .
7.After the hood and side cover are based on open structure and easy maintenance
8.The standard accessory device pipeline ,the user can input the installation of
broken hammer ,etc.
9.Working device bushing are all made of high strength graphite copper sleeve
,effectively reduce the noise ,prolong the butter filling time .
10.Choose luxurious seats,can adjust themselves to meet the need of the driver
,improve the comfortableness.
Main Parameter of China Made Electric Micro Mini Excavator for Sale
Standard Bucket Capacity (SAE) M 3 0.05
Max Digging force(ISO) KN 15.2
Unit swing speed rpm 9.5
Travel speed Km/h 2.1/4.3
Ground pressure kpa 29.6
Fuel reservoir L 22
Model KubotaD1105
Rated power KW 14.2
Type Vertical3-Cycle liquid Cooled Diesel
Hydraulic System
Flow L/min 39.6
Operating Pressure Mpa 20.6
Type Full hydraulic pilot operated ,Load Sensing System
Transport length mm 3752
Width mm 980/1300
Height mm 2356
Min ground clearance mm 172
Track width mm 230
Gauge mm 750/1070
Working range
Max digging height mm 3556
Max dumping height mm 2452
Max digging depth mm 2247
Max digging radius mm 4045
Max digging radius at ground mm 3784
Min tail turning radius mm 650
Min turning radius mm 780
Boom Swing Angle mm 45(LH)/55(RH)
Pictures of China Made Electric Micro Mini Excavator for Sale

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