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ZCQ-6-38 Mining Car Wheel Stopper

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Date: Aug 10 2018
Subject: ZCQ-6-38 Mining Car Wheel Stopper
Category: Other
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: china coal0001
ZCQ-6-38 Mining Car Wheel Stopper
Keywords: rail arrester, wheel stopper, mining car wheel stopper
Introduction of ZCQ-6-38 Mining Car Wheel Stopper
1.The type of the car arrester is arranged according to the engine. (1). Pneumatic;
(2). Electric (3). Manual operation 2. The gauge of the car arrester: 600mm , 762mm,
900mm, 1435mm, and as your requirements. Remark: this is according to the gauge
of the steel railway. 3. The type of the car arrester is also according to the type of
the steel rail, both of them must be consistent. 4. The material: (1). Foundation:
channel beam (2). The rail of the car arrester: Q235, 55Q 5. Usage: used to stop the
mine car and prevent the mine car from sliding down and mine disaster accident. 6.
scope of business: fixed mine car, bucket dumping mine car, one side dumping car,
mining flat bed car, material car, wheel sets, mining steel rail, fishplate, rail nuts, rail
cutting machine, rail drilling machine, rail bender, rail track jack, and etc.
Parameter of ZCQ-6-38 Mining Car Wheel Stopper
Model Track mm Payload(kg) Operate Track QTY
ZCQ-6/9/1435-18 600/9/1435 18 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-22 600/9/1435 22 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-24 600/9/1435 24 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-30 600/9/1435 30 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-38 600/9/1435 38 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-43 600/9/1435 43 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-50 600/9/1435 50 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-60 600/9/1435 60 Handle single/double
ZCQ-6-75 600/9/1435 75 Handle single/double
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