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SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor

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Date: Jan 11 2019
Subject: SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Introduction of SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor
SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor Machine apples to slow gently inclined thin coal seam
working face conveyor of coal. Mining height is broken floor to 0.6 m, dip angle of
coal seam is not more than 25 degrees.
SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor Machine is more suitable for hard coal, large blocks or
more inner dirt band conveyor coal. The scraper conveyor is designed to mainly for
horizontal transportation in the underground coal mining industry and
metallurgical mine.
Main Characteristics of SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor
1. Solid structure: SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor Machine can withstand coal and
waste rock or other materials of blunt, hit, and other external force. 
2. It can adapt to the coalface floor rugged, bending goes needs, can withstand the
vertical or horizontal bending.
3. Body short, easy to install.
4. It can double as the shearer running the orbit .   
5. SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor Machine can reverse operation, easy to deal with
bottom chain accident.
Technical Parameters of SGB Scraper Chain Conveyor
No. Tech SGB420/30(40) SGB520/40 SGB620/40(55)
1 Delivery volume(t/h) 80(100) 120 150
2 Factory length(m) 100 100 80(100)
3 Head height(mm) 512(620) 620 620
4 Chain speed(m/s) 0.79(0.86) 0.86 0.86
5 Electric motors Model number JDSB30(DSB40) DSB40
Power(kW) 30(40) 40 40 (55)
Number of revolutions(r/min) 1470 1470 1470
Voltage(V) 380/660 380/660 380/660
6 Scraper chain Form Side double-stranded Side double-stranded Side
Specifications(mm) 14×50(18×64) 18×64 18×64
Breaking load(KN) ≥190 ≥320 ≥320
7 Reducer transmission ratio 1:22.24(1:24.56) 1:24.56 1:24.56
8 Middle slot size (L x W x H) 1200×420×150
(1500×420×180) 1500×520×180 1500×620×180
9 Total weight(t) 10.3(13) 14 15
Figure Pictures of SGB Scraper Conveyor
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