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Plastic Water Tube and Pipe Fitting Made in China

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Date: Apr 20 2017
Subject: Plastic Water Tube and Pipe Fitting Made in China
Category: Plastics & Articles thereof
Company: Cangzhou WANYOU New Material Technology Co,Ltd
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Products profile: Plastic Water Pipe PVC Pipe,PVC Tube

Material: PVC.

Diameter: 1/2" to 4".

Pressure: 1.0Mpa,1.25Mpa,1.6Mpa.

Standard:ASTM ,ISO,DIN,BS.


(1).Light weight.

(2).Resistant to chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

(3).Non toxic and odorless.

(4).Simple and reliable installation.

(5).Easier construction,lower cost(33% less).

(6).Up to 60 years' durabillity.

(7).Smooth interior structure,low friction losses.

(8).Easy maintenance.


(1)Water supply.

(2)indoor and outdoor drainage.

Product Description:
Products profile: High Quality Plastic Water Pipe PVC Pipe,(Made In China.)

The complete series of our PVC drainage pipes include rainwater pipes,
underground drainage pipes and spiral amortization standpipe, which can
extensively fit your requirement for many purposes such as city construction and
home decoration.

1. Here are characteristics of our PVC drainage pipe: 

(1) Fine physicochemical performance, corrosion resistant, excellent in cushion
effect, small fluid resistance, flow rate 30% up compared with cast iron pipes of
the same diameter. 

(2) It is weather resistant, long performance life, the Construction Ministry
Fujian Province experimental unit material shows its service life is 30-50 years,
being ideal for building drain and blowdown. 

(3) Light and durable, convenient in fixing, greatly speed up progress of works,
reduce project cost. 

(4) Saving building expenses,greatly reduce the overall costs compared with the
traditional cast iron pipes.

The color of the corporation's products are mainly white, with esthetic
appearance, brightness, smoothness, inspiring the building internal milieu
atmosphere to have a sort of neatness, comfortable fashion. 

2. PPR Pipes' Advantages:

   (1).Non-poison:This product is green building material which is able to use
for pure clean drinking water pipe system.

   (2).High Temperature Resistance.

   (3).Non-Fouling:Able to avoid the pipe's fouling or blocking as well as the


3. Our Commitment:

   (1).Any inquiries will be replied as soon as possible.

   (2).Excellent quality.

   (3).PP-R is recyclable.

We can produce any length pipe to satisfy our customers.

1. Made from new PVC materials, with high quality. Reinforced
rigid        plastic wire is screwed-inserted into the wall of
PVC  hoses.Excellent resistance to pressure, external impacts,
chemical,    gases, light acids and saline water. 

2. Various Colors: Green, yellow, red, black, clear etc

3. Diameter and thickness can be as customers' requirements  

4. Good flexibility. Non-toxic and odorless. 

5. To be light in weight, with good resistance to severe
weather    conditions and negative pressure. 
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