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OK-Q10 Soil heavy metal measuring instrument

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Date: Jul 1 2019
Subject: OK-Q10 Soil heavy metal measuring instrument
Category: Organic Chemicals
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: Afghanistan
Type: Sell
Text: OK-Q10 Soil heavy metal measuring instrument

1.Performance characteristics
1)The use of microprocessor technology, digital lines, program design, MCU
control, touch buttons, LCD display.
2)Hand, straight dual purpose.
3)Built in thermal printer, print test results.
4)Using the filter as a light source, silicon semiconductor as a signal receiving
system, the life of up to 100 thousand hours.
5)Cassette part is designed by using the double optical path mechanism, the
system error of different channels avoid.
6)The work stability is better than the national standard JJG179-90 index of 6 times,
and the repeatability of the grating spectrophotometer.
7)Expert fertilization system software
 A.Memory more than 70 kinds of crop expert Fertilization Recommendations, can
be real-time, field, add, add, update the crop species, abundance and lack of
indicators, fertilization indicators, etc., suitable for crops are not restricted.
 B.According to crop varieties, soil content, fertilizer content, fertilizer prices, can
automatically recommend the best fertilization program, can save more than 1000,
and can be unrestricted save, print fertilization recommendation form.
 C.Can be printed out: the date of detection, detection time, customer name, the
number of soil, soil types, crop varieties, soil content, fertilizer varieties, fertilizer
prices, fertilizer amount and other related information, detailed content.
8)The test of effective phosphorus has the function of automatic correction of
2.Test item
1) soil nutrient:Alkaline hydrolysis nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, available
phosphorus, available potassium, organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus,
total potassium, pH value, conductivity, salinity, water, etc.
2) microelement:Boron, manganese, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, sulfur,
chlorine, zinc, silicon and so on.
3)Fertilizer nutrient:Elemental fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium;
compound (mixed) ammonium nitrogen and urea in Hefei, nitrate nitrogen,
phosphorus, potassium, shrinkage of two urea, humic acid organic fertilizer;
available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, total nitrogen, total
phosphorus, total potassium and organic matter.
4)Plant nutrient:Plant nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, nitrite.
5)Tobacco leaf nutrient:Total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium,
reducing sugar, total sugar, boron, manganese, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium
and so on.
6)Heavy metals (lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic, mercury)
7)Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, nitrate, nitrite, formaldehyde,
formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide.
3.Technical parameter
1)Range and resolution:0.001-9999
2)stability:Three minutes drift less than 0.003
3)Linear error:<0.003
4)Repetitive error:<0.005
5)sensitivity:Glow light≥4.5×10-5  Blue light≥3.17×10-3   Green light≥2.35×10-
3  Orange light≥2.13×10-3
6)Wavelength range:Red light:680±2nm;Blu ray:420±2nm;Green
light:510±2nm;Orange light:590±2nm;
7)Water content test range:A.Humidity range:0~100%   B.measurement
C.Humidity resolution:0.1%
8)PH measurement technical parameters:A.Test range:1~14     B.error:
9)Technical parameters for the measurement of salinity (conductivity):A.Test
range:0.01%~1.00%    B.relative error:±5% 
10)Power supply for the instrument:
 A.alternating current:180V~240V/50HZ   B.Direct current:12V、5W(on board)
11)Combined leaching of N, P and K:3 minutes to complete the soil nitrogen,
phosphorus, potassium, while the extraction
12)Test speed: To test a sample(N、P、K)≤30min      At the same time, 5 soil
samples are measured≤50min(including pre processing time)
13)antiknock characteristics:qualified
4.Easy to operate
comprehensive:Speed measuring instrument set medicine, the instrument, the
instrument as a whole, carry convenience, the equivalent of a small laboratory,
convenient for on-site testing, mobile services.The medicine bottle is used to
ensure the test speed is fast.
5.Location of apparatus (Aluminum alloy password box two:490×305×165mm,Net
Instrument box:Mainframe, electronic balance, electrode, color plate, expert
fertilization software, power line, etc.
Medicine box:Salt water meter, flask, flask, cone, cylinder, filter paper, aluminum
box, bottle washing, 1 sets of drugs.
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