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Miranda Yang Pyson Co., Ltd.

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Date: Aug 30 2019
Subject: Miranda Yang Pyson Co., Ltd.
Category: Miscellaneous Edible Preparations
Company: Pyson Co., Ltd.
Steve Tong Write & Send Message
Country: Australia
Type: Sell
Text: We are Pyson Co., Ltd. Founded in 2013, we are focusing on plant extraction, food
additives, chemical products and we have nearly seven years of export experience.
Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and have
become the best-known and outstanding export company in Shaanxi Province.   
This is one of our best-selling products. The specifications are as follows:
Product Name:Ginseng Extract
Botanical Name:Panax Ginseng Extract                             
Description:Light Yellow Fine Powder
Part Used:Leaf & Stem
Packaging:Drum, Vacuum Packed
Extractinon Type:Solvent Extraction
Extraction Solvent:Water & Stem
Molecular Formula:C15H24N2O
Port Of Shipment:Beijing/Shanghai Port
Trade Of  Terms:FOB/CIF
Payment:T/T, L/C, D/P
Place OF Origin:ShaanXi,China(Mainland)
Shelf Life:24 Months
Packaging &Delivery
Packaging Detail:25kg/Fiber Drum
Delivery Detail:with 3-5Days After
1, Help memory enhancing of healthy middle-aged adults.
2, Effect the strengthening of the immune system. ,
3, Aid in diabetes management.
4, Effect the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
5, Use for Cancer Chemotherapy, can lower the risk of cancer
(1) Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is usually made into tablets, capsule, injectio
and granule to invigorate the vital energy, nourish the blood, invigorate qi, calm the
nerves, warm the kidney and strengthen the spleen.
(2) Applied in food field, it is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to
enhance human immunity and anti-aging.
(3) Application in animal feed
We are always in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for higher
quality merchandis and looks forward to your reply
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