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MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers

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Date: Jan 10 2019
Subject: MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Introduction of MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers
MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers is designed to meet the
lighting requirement of the railway, electric utility, public security, emergency
maintenance, disaster relief and rescue, other large construction sites and etc.
Main Features of MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers
Illuminating Brightness:
The lamp panel has four 1000W high efficient gaseous discharge lamps, with large
scale illumination, high brightness, long distance irradiation and long service time
(beyond 10000hours). On the trailer, the lamp has perfect shockproof function and
it particularly suitable for the outdoor large operation lighting
Raising and lowing mast:
The mast is made from high-strength alloy material; It could realize raising/lowing
automatically and the max extension of the mast is 9m, which enables the lighting
cover the whole operation sites.
Working time:
Adopt the domestic diesel generator for power supply, it could continuously work 9
hours once the fuel tank is full; Also it could connect the 220AV main supply to
realize the long working time.

Operate easily:
Pneumatic control the lifting and set down of the mast conveniently. It is reliable
and easy to operate;
Service environment:
The whole lamp is made from various high quality alloy material, compact structure
and stable performance; it could work in harsh environment and the anti-wind
grade is 8.
Optimized structure design, moving and delivery conveniently; Connect to the
trailer to move to any operation sites
1. Keep maintenance of the generator after using every time;
2. At least wait 15 minutes to move the light tower after the lamp is off, otherwise it
would cause the lamp rupture
3. when the lamp in favor condition;
Stop the generator before check the electric circuit;
Stop the generator before changing the lamps and rectifier;
4. Pls pay special attention to the following issues before repairing the electric
5. The frame and the cross-bar should connect earth wire well;
6. Assume all conductors are heated;
7. Do according to system single circuit, one operation one step; Disconnect main
switch and wait for about 30 seconds before doing fully check of the wire and the
Quality Guarantee
8. The company passed the ISO9001:2008 International Quality System
authentication. This product strictly implements the ISO9001 International Quality
Management System Standard to ensure the quality of products meet the
9. Products warranty: One year warranty, lifetime maintenance.
Parameter of MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Towers

Rated voltage 220V
Working voltage 220V
Lamp panel
Lamp power 4x1000W(standard)
Light capacity 85000lm
Lamp lifetime 10000h
Min height 3M
Max height 9M
Output voltage 220V
Power capacity 7.5KW
Retracted dimension 4392x1626x1600mm
Gross weight 580 Kg
Pictures of MO-5659 Towable Vehicle Mounted Portable Light Tower
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