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MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower

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Date: Aug 9 2018
Subject: MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
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Country: China
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MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower
Introduction of MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower
MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower is design to meet the
lighting requirement of the railway, electric utility, public security, emergency
maintenance, disaster relief and rescue, other large construction sites and etc
Main Features of MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower
Illuminating Brightness: the lamp panel has two high efficient 50W LED lighting,
with large scale illumination, high brightness, long distance irradiation and long
service time (beyond 100000 hours). Spotlight and floodlight are alternative and
could adjust the illumination angle in full tilt range; the irradiation distance of
spotlight is beyond 150m.
Irradiation Range:With three stage raising and lowing mast, the maximum
extension of the mast is 2.8m. The mast as the axis is able to do 360°turning so that
to realize the irradiation at any angle.
Power Supply: two power supply methods. Using generator power supply, it works
continuously over 6h with full tank gasoline; using 220V main supply could realize
long time working continuously.

Operate easily: With separate smart button to control on/off of the two lamps and
convenient to adjust the height of the mast manually;the lamp consists of two main
parts: the lamp holder (including the lamp panel and mast) and the generator stand
(including generator, electric case and generator base). It is convenient to assemble,
disassemble and transport. Operate easily and with excellent applicability.

Service Environment:
Adopt multiple shockproof structure design, excellent anti-shock performance and
could use reliably in the high frequency shock environment;
Adopt environmental light alloy material and high-tech spraying technology,
waterproof, dustproof, antirust and suitable to work at outdoor environment for
long time;
Perfect electromagnetic compatibility and could not cause interference to the
transmission network;
The whole lighting adopts imported high quality metal material, high quality and
reliable and work well in the harsh environment.

Custom-tailor service: In order to meet the unique requirement of different clients,
we could like to configure the different lamp type, power, lamp quantity, mast
height and generator according to our customers own request.
Parameter of MO-2050L Industrial Construction Mobile Light Tower
Lamp panel
rated voltage 220V
working voltage 220V
lamp power 2×50W
light capacity 2×6500LM
service lifetime >100000H
Continuous working time
main supply long time
generator power supply 6 hrs
min height 1.2M
max height 2.8M
rated output voltage 220V
rated power 550W
fuel tank capacity 4.2L
lamp and mast 500×150×350mm
generator stand 580×470×550mm
lamp panel 6kg
mast/generator /33.5kg
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