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Imported Wines Seize Chinese Market, New Choice for Dealer

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Date: May 16 2018
Subject: Imported Wines Seize Chinese Market, New Choice for Dealer
Category: Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar
Company: Haiwei Liquor Trading Market
Yang Xin Xin Write & Send Message
Country: Afghanistan
Type: Buy
Text: In recent years, imported wine has been eyeing the unstoppable coming spike in
China; however, some inexorable troubles are following on its heels, such as the
market chaos, prevailing fake wine and the consequent unfair competition etc,
under which circumstance, direct sale of wine may will become the brand new
marketing method. Marketing director from Haiwei Liquor Trading Market said,
“direct-sale via bonded area will become the brand new marketing method in the
wine field”
From investigation, we come to know that many originally bottled wines are
getting through levels of transfers between province-level agent, city-level
agent, district-level agent and so on, in which case, the terminal price will go
high with quality uncontrollable.
Under the aforesaid circumstance, the innovative business model of Haiwei Liquor
trading market emerged, which integrates bonded trade, free trade and
traditional trade, adopting membership management. The complete operation is to
establish warehouse in bonded area for wineries (supplier member of Haiwei) and
store wines into warehouse on arrival of the shipment, then get wines cleared by
customs and distribute them to the franchised shops (outlets of Haiwei)
nationwide to face customers directly, hereby eliminates the multi-hierarchy
agency mode so as to guarantee the original quality and regress to the
reasonable price, enabling consumers to buy wines with high quality at lower
The advantage for this kind of cooperation is: Breaking the buying & selling
relationship in the outdated traditional multi-agency, ensuring supplier
members’ wine & spirits’ marching into outlets center in every district and
county throughout China after legally customs clearance , in order that Chinese
consumers know and accept the knowledge of the international wine & spirits
culture, the quality and the product itself, it can also immediately enjoy
mature resources for supplier members and occupy the Chinese market continuously
and healthily.
Currently Haiwei Liquor trading market are looking for international famous
wineries with long history and long-term supply capacity, if interest please
directly goggle Haiwei
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