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High Quality Plastic Water Pipe-PVC Pipe

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Date: Apr 20 2017
Subject: High Quality Plastic Water Pipe-PVC Pipe
Category: Plastics & Articles thereof
Company: Cangzhou WANYOU New Material Technology Co,Ltd
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Product Description:
Products profile: Plastic Water Pipe PVC Pipe.(Water Supply PVC Pipe)

Water Supply PVC Pipe Sizes

1. Specifications:

(1). Material: PVC.

(2). Diameter: 1/2" to 4".

(3). Pressure: 1.0Mpa,1.25Mpa,1.6Mpa.

(4). Standard:ASTM ,ISO,DIN,BS.

2. Features OF Our Products:

(1).Light weight.

(2).Resistant to chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

(3).Non toxic and odorless.

(4).Simple and reliable installation.

(5).Easier construction,lower cost(33% less).

(6).Up to 60 years' durabillity.

(7).Smooth interior structure,low friction losses.

(8).Easy maintenance.

3. Application:

(1) Water supply.

(2) indoor and out door drainage.

4. PPR Pipes' Advantages:

(1).Non-poison:This product is green building material which is able to use for
pure clean drinking water pipe system.

(2).High Temperature Resistance.

(3).Non-Fouling:Able to avoid the pipe's fouling or blocking as well as the


1. Made from new PVC materials, with high quality. Reinforced
rigid        plastic wire is screwed-inserted into the wall of
PVC  hoses.Excellent resistance to pressure, external impacts,
chemical,    gases, light acids and saline water. 

2. Various Colors: Green, yellow, red, black, clear etc

3. Diameter and thickness can be as customers' requirements  

4. Good flexibility. Non-toxic and odorless. 

5. To be light in weight, with good resistance to severe
weather    conditions and negative pressure. 
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