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Factory agricultural equipment new combine harvester rice

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Date: Oct 18 2018
Subject: Factory agricultural equipment new combine harvester rice
Category: Nuclear Reactors, Boilers; parts thereof
Company: Shandong Gold Dafeng Machinery Co., Ltd
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: With over 100-year of war industry technology history, strong sense of mission of
duty, the company aims at constructing the first Chinese brand of machines,
providing high quality products & service at favorable price for the customers all
over the world, suche as Full-Feeding Rice Combine Harvester, Wheat Combine
Harvester, Two Rows Corn Combine Harvester. Guided by the operation policy of
[market oriented, value centered, quality supported and management based", the
company has kept improving the research capability and comprehensive strength in
aspects of both hardware and software by introducing advanced technology and
modern processing; producing and testing equipment; by using advanced ERP
management mode; improving the training system for the employees and the
marketing system and after-sale service.

About company:

1. Gold dafeng IMDI smart manufacture center

Accomplished flexible, small quantity, multiple batches, and customized modes of
manufacturing, based on Dafeng`s 20 years` professional manufacturing capability.

2. Agricultural requirement hatching center

Focused on the constant feedbacks and conclusions from the franchises, to refine
the most representative requirement such as basic technic conditions and minimum
quantities, through communication with the remote video technic tools

3. Customized D&P center

With 20 years` professional capability, lead the technical analysis against the
hatching center, to meet the customer`s requirement with the technical support

4. High efficiency demonstration center

Supply all the standards and the customized demonstrations of the agricultural
equipment based on the requirement leads from our franchises.

Lead technic training, the farm site demonstration, and seminars activities, and
constantly report back to the IMDI center, finally achieves the optimization of the
management board

Self-propelled rice reaper harvester --FULL VIEW GOLD DAFENG
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