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CMH/CDM lamps (Ceramic Metal Halide lamps)

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Date: Sep 8 2019
Subject: CMH/CDM lamps (Ceramic Metal Halide lamps)
Category: Other
Company: Shenyang Joinunion Chemical Technology1 Co.,Ltd.
Ying Wang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: Ceramic metal halide lamp (CMH lamp) is the third generation of high-intensity
gas lighting source. It is a kind of light source which combines the good light-
color performance of quartz metal halide lamp and the excellent luminous
efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp. It is one of the new high-efficiency
and energy-saving lighting sources. Ceramic metal halide lamp is an excellent
light source for commercial, stadium, road and other large space lighting. Its
high red light ratio also makes it an ideal choice for indoor growth lamp.
*Ceramic metal halide lamp (CMH lamp) is also called ceramic discharge metal
halide lamp (CDM lamp)
Types: 70W;100W;150W;250W;315W;400W
Color rendering index (Ra): 85 Min. and 90 Min.
Average life: 15000h
Packing: 25pcs/Carton
High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps with a color rendering exceeding Ra85-Ra95
Excellent luminous efficiency 110-130lm/W
Compact lighting solution for growth chambers and greenhouses
Excellent PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) value of 1.9 micromoles per second.
Excellent light maintenance—94% of the PPF at 1000 hours.
Stable color temperature during the entire life time.
Wide color temperature from 2800K-6000K
Long life time 12000h
The CMH lamps are often used in shop lighting, street lighting, especially in
agriculture and intensive horticulture plants of all kinds.

·Road and street lighting ·Residential lighting
·Shopping mall lighting ·Jewelry Shop lighting
·Airport and stadium lighting ·Factory and mine lighting

*The 315W CMH lamp is specially used in Agriculture and Horticulture as grow
lighting source.

·Vegetables ·Herbs ·House plants
·Medicinal plants
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