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CJE - 12/220 Magnetic Yoke Flaw Detector

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Date: Jan 18 2019
Subject: CJE - 12/220 Magnetic Yoke Flaw Detector
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: 1. Introduction:
CJE series miniature yoke detector, is to use the yoke to magnetization of
ferromagnetic material artifacts of portable mini magnetic powder flaw detection
equipment, to various parts of magnetization, suitable for oil field parts, coal,
machinery, shipbuilding, internal combustion engine, standard parts, oil pump,
nozzle, aircraft manufacturing, auto parts, chemical industry, boiler, pressure vessel,
to build a bridge, railway and other industries products, caused by forging,
quenching, welding, and fatigue of surface and near surface defects, such as chain
rod, crankshaft, bearing, high strength bolt, spring, forgings, petrochemical pipe
fittings, valves, blades, gears, roll, cable and the weld geometry of complex
workpiece inspection.
CJE series miniature magnetic yoke flaw detector has ac, dc, ac/dc magnetic powder
flaw detector, dc power supply for the rechargeable battery, suitable for field
without power supply site operation and high pressure could not enter the
container, Bridges, pipelines and other site operation, a charge can be more than 6
hours continuous working time. Ac power supply with ~ 220 v power input directly,
without other instruments form a complete set, convenient operation, simple, light
weight, easy to carry, so the equipment is widely used.
2. Technical parameters:
classify CJE—12/220
DC CJE—220
Power supply 220~240V 50Hz  
–12V –12V 220~240V 50Hz
charge power supply 220~240V 50Hz 220V 50Hz  
battery MF12—7.2H MF12—7.2H  
Work electric current AC1.4A
DC1.7A DC1.7A AC1.4A
Charging time 8~15h 8~15h  
 battery using time More 6 hous More 6 hous  
Work chill time 2 minutes open , 2 minutes off
Magnetic pole pitch 50~200mm 50~200mm 50~200mm
Lifting capacity A C >5.5kg   >5.5kg
D C >25kg >25kg  
Weight probe 3.2kg 3.2kg 3.2 kg
battery pack 2.9kg 2.9kg  
Dimension size(㎜) probe 208×52×146 208×52×146 208×52×146
battery pack 160×100×70 160×100×70       
charger 80×60×40 80×60×40  
3. Packing List
Classify CJE—12/220
DC CJE—220
Probe 1 1 1
Battery pack 1 1  
Battery 1 1  
charger 1 1  
Power supply line 1   1
Around line 1 1  
Operation Manual 1 1 1
certificate 1 1 1
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