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BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone)

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Date: Sep 30 2018
Subject: BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone)
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: china coal 0001
Introduction of BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone)

Explosion proof walkie talkie is one that can operate in hazardous atmospheres
walkie-talkie. And civilian walkie-talkie different,Explosion proof walkie talkie does
not refer to itself can resist the dangerous radio, but that can be dangerous gases
in the working environment interphone
Feature of BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone)
It has a communication channel and band selection touchtone select Call channel in
two ways. Alone with a single call, group call function, with YWX-1-type machine
wireless adapter can be used with ordinary telephone, mobile phones, PHS, etc.
constitute wireless communication systems.
Parameters of BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone)

Frequency range : 450-470 MHz(can be set) 
RF output power : 3W 
Channel quantity : 16     
Talk Range :   3 km  
Working voltage : 6~8 V    
Battery type : Ni-MH battery 
Monitoring functions :  yes       
Hazardous gas mixtures dangerous places : Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 
Hazardous gas mixture : IIA, IIB, IIC
Temperature class : T1-T3
BDJ-1 Explosion Proof Walkie Talkie (Interphone) Usage Precautions
1. do not replace the batteries in hazardous environments, and other accessories.
Spark generated when touch disassembly may cause danger or fire. Even after
proof testing organization certified products, when used in a hazardous
atmosphere, nor the accessory connector exposed. Accessory connector is not
required, it should be shielded with dust tight. 
2. explosion-proof radio should be promptly returned to the manufacturer after two
years of re-tested to determine Explosion levels, so as to avoid long-term use
reduces Explosion levels arising from an accident. 
3. do not disassemble in any way  through explosive detection agencies certified
products. Walkie-talkie radio hardware modification will change the original design
of the structure. Only the original manufacturer of products before they can be
certified through explosive detection mechanism be modified within the production
site. Unauthorized modification of the product will result in explosion-proof
certification lapse. 
4. the whole charging, turn off the power switch should not be in charge when the
call simultaneously transmit operation, in order to avoid accidental burning device
or battery. 
5. the battery should not be "+" "-" pole short-circuit connection. 
6. when in use, do not hand pick the antenna, not bend the antenna.
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