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7.HCX-3 Portable Mining Magneto Telephone

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Date: Sep 30 2018
Subject: 7.HCX-3 Portable Mining Magneto Telephone
Category: Electric Machinery, Sound/Television Equipment & parts
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
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Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: china coal 0001
Introduction of HCX-3 Portable Mining Magneto Telephone
HCX-3 portable magneto telephone  for professional communication as mining,
railways, etc., as well as natural disasters provide emergency communications
HCX-3 portable magnet telephone,form mainly by hand rolling magnet generators,
AC bells, electromagnetic receiver, mixing coil, carbon headset composition, This
telephone is easy to carry,has long communication distance.
Advantage of HCX-3 Portable Mining Magneto Telephone
1. Match light are multiplexed lines. 800Hz telephone impedance is 800Ω ± 20%.
2 .Through two telephones on the same model, in less than 75db audio noise
conditions, the communication distance up to 21 km.
3. In temperature -40 ℃ (using cold battery) - +50 ℃ 750 ± 30mm Hg pressure and
temperature of +40 ℃, relative humidity up to 98% of the reliable work
4. All parts are fixed on the rack into one, along with mobile phones are loaded into
the enclosure, solid structure to carry and easy to use.
5. Volume : 222*195*107mm3  
6. Weight : about2.5Kg
Application Environment Of HCX-3 Portable Mining Magneto Telephone
1. Phone nominal impedance of 800 ohms, lightweight design selected by double-
track line is, if use double-track ultra-light , side tone will be bigger.
2. The transmit reference attenuation: Use 3V battery voltage is +4.0 - +1.2 N.
Receive reference attenuation is -0.8 ± 0.25N.
3. In the 75db noise environment, in order to communicate the same model phone
when the call light is multiplexed online distance 24 km.
4. Bells Sensitivity: 75db noise level in the environment and light is 30 km double-
track conditions, using the same type of interaction shake telephone two
generators, two meters can be heard ringing.
5. The machine box: thermoplastics repression, durable.
6. The use of the environment: Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ - +50 ℃ range.
 Relative humidity: up to temperature of +40 ℃, relative humidity 95 +3% A
tmospheric Pressure: 760 - 780 mm water column height yin range.
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