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24kg/m Manual Operation Retarder

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Date: Aug 10 2018
Subject: 24kg/m Manual Operation Retarder
Category: Other
Company: Shandong China Coal Group
Mike Jiang Write & Send Message
Country: China
Type: Sell
Text: china coal0001
24kg/m Manual Operation Retarder
Keywords: speed retarder, brake retard, manual operation retarder
Introduction of 24kg/m Manual Operation Retarder
1.Professional production mine car stopper, such as motor, electronic ,handle
stopper, single track and double track stopper.
2. Hot sales, good price, good quality and reliable service system.
3. Supply various fixed mine car and accessories, such as ZCQ-6/9-22, ZCQ-6/9-
24.,ZCQ-6/9-30 , ZCQ-6/9-38 , ZCQ-6/9-43 , ZCQ-6/9-250 .
4. Fast Shipment, Generally will ship in 10 days.
Main Parameter of 24kg/m Manual Operation Retarder
Item less than 24kg/m rails 30kg/m rail More than 30kg/m rail
Max. Straightening Capacity 294KN 410KN 549KN
Rated Straightening Capacity 270KN 350KN 500KN
Piston Stroke 70mm 70mm 70mm
Weight 30kg 50kg 70kg
overall size 730x450x165mm 900×500×175mm 990×555×183mm
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